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OCTOBER 4th - 8th 2023 
visits Agder

After the successful gathering in January 2023 KIS (Klassisk i sentrum - meaning something like Classic in the center ) invites to a week containing concerts and master classes in the south of Norway. A bunch of world class performers and educators gather in Agder to meet the public and to guide young musicians from all over the world. In collaboration with the Virtuouso & Belcanto festival in Lucca, Italy, KIS takes a new step on the path building a high-quality offer of (mainly classical) music to our audiences, both the local and the visiting ones. This also means that we are visited by dozens of students from all over the world, aiming to learn from our visiting masters. Through cooperation with cultural schools, upper secondary schools, universities, churches and cultural centers, we hope to be able to leave a clear mark in the region. The public will meet visiting artists at the highest level alone or together, sometimes also in interaction with the cultural life that already exists in the region.

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