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Klassisk i Sentrum creates great and unexpected meetings with music. Therefore, we gather our best musicians into pleasant interaction.

In addition to concerts in ordinary and less common places, completely spontaneous appearances in the cityscape during the summer, and indoors, through autumn and winter are something to expect. In this way, we do our best to color our cities.

At the same time we get the music out to most people. Everything is linked to local history and the wonderful literature that has been created in the region.

The stories about how Henrik Ibsen became Henrik Ibsen, about Knut Hamsun's life at Nørholm and Roald Dahl's affiliation with Strand Hotel, Fevik, are all unique examples of what cultural heritage is found right around our houses.

then adding that Gabriel Scott, Herman Wildenwey, Karl Ove Knausgaard and Henrik Wergeland as well as Richard Wagner all have regional affiliation, we know that exciting stories are waiting to be told.

Richard wagner for instance, nearly went down with his ship outside Borøya and from that experience got the inspiration to write "The Flying Dutchman"

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