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Beach Hotel Fevik

Strand Hotel Fevik has joined our venture. They take hold of telling the story. We are grateful for the effort and that we can be so active at the amazing hotel.

Grimstad house of culture

Grimstad house of culture is the city's main venue for performing arts and it is the place for grand occasions.

They also have some skilled employees, with whom we are fortunate to cooperate with.

Grimstad municipality

Grimstad municipality contributes in many levels, but not least with commitment. The ambition to spread the rich cultural heritage at Agder is high.

"Grimstad my town"

Grimstad is developing. "Grimstad my town" is an organization that is driving that development. since focusing on culture and history is important to them we are natural partners.

Friends of Music

Grimstad and Arendal have two living music associations. Classic in the center is happy to have a great cooperation with both organizations


The ensemble 1B1 is an inspiration to Classical In The Center and the work we do is based on the ideas that characterize the ensemble

Grimstad Church

Located in the center of town, providing  amazing acoustics, Grimstad Church is a beloved venue for both audiences and performers

Nøgne Ø

In addition to being one of the world's finest breweries, they are also very open to new impressions - maybe that's why the beer is so good? Anyway - we are on the same team and build stories together.

Arendal Municipality

Thanks to Arendal municipality who supports the project financially and with staff, as well as good will

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